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Robert DeDomenico

I am already familiar with the Envac vacuum trash removal system installed at Disney, FL, circa 1971. There are about 600 such systems around the world installed by that same company, including Roosevelt Island, NY, Pearson Int'l Airport, Toronto, another in Montreal, et al. But these possess all of the drawbacks of vacuum systems: high specific energy consumption, high network complexity, and low throughput stand out to most. CargoFish is a network utility, capable of providing point to point transport of non-fungible parcels of anything, as well as provisioning fungible consumer goods and removal of trash. The difference is immense. Thank you for covering the story. You can find more on CargoFish in the Proceedings of the 2014 International Physical Internet Conference, Laval University, Quebec. The concept was so well received there (where I had a chance to explain the advantages, face to face,) that I have three poposals to deliver, and many other developing leads. My website, has a few links, and a contact form. I answer all emails.

Robert DeDomenico

Or maybe I should enter and win with this entry into an MIT contest:
The CargoFish proposal, one among 245, has 15% of all votes cast, and 60% of those in its category: transportation. CargoFish has three times as many votes as its nearest competitor, and more votes than all other categories except one!
Maybe you should be on same day delivery. Then again... maybe that is going to be a losing bet!


Move Only What Matters

Robert DeDomenico

Now the CargoFish prposal is one among 307, has 17% of all votes cast, 64% of the transportation category, and more votes than any other category.

CargoFish is the future of transportation.

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