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Charlie Kiolbasa

Dave, we appreciate your comments about Layer Saver! We are introducing a railcar version and later this year a sea/land container unit. The other Layer Saver effort that you may be interested in is our total supply chain solution. Our base deck is very strong and can hold up 3,500 lbs -- edge rackable! With this specification part of our patented design, we are introducing a lightweight plastic insert pallet (with a proprietary foot design) that nests into our base! This will allow our plastic pallet to be light and inexpensive, competitive with wood! As part of this new supply chain, we are offering a plastic shipping container (replacing corrugated boxes) that is quite different from anything in use today! Add up the savings by round tripping previously disposable packaging, and I think you can see the potential! I realize you may think my concept is not new-and it is not I agree-the difference is the Layer Saver shipping vessel ! We have a product that ties all these efforts together! Please visit our website as we have made some significant changes including a video of a vessel in action. I would very much like to discuss our products to see if our companies can work together for our mutual benefit? I look forward to hearing from you! Charlie 630-325-7287.

Charles G. Kiolbasa
Chairman & CEO
Layer Saver, LLC

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