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Jonathan Sherry

Dear Dave,

I'm one of the ChubbyBrain platform's founders and wanted to say thanks for the review and suggestions.

Think you hit on some great points with reference to the review aspects of ChubbyBrain. Beyond our desire as you noted to minimize anonymous reviews, we've also taken steps to reward those who write good reviews with greater influence in determining aggregate company ratings.

So, simply stated, not all ratings are created equally with some reviewers' ratings potentially worth as much as 6 times as other reviewers. This we hope will help to (1) prevent gamesmanship and (2) also serves as a way to reward those reviewers who offer the most insightful commentary with greater exposure and access to enhanced capabilities & functionality on ChubbyBrain. These progressive levels of expertise are determined based on an algorithm that measures quality and consistency of reviewer contribution. In case you're interested, the levels of expertise are detailed in this table:

Beyond the reviews aspect, however, one of our primary goals is to democratize information about investors and startups as historically, it has been either been (1) scattered and unstructured or (2) available to a limited few who could afford multi-thousand dollar subscriptions offered by large information services providers. Some of our team formerly worked in VC and several of us most recently managed a large corporate innovation fund, and the underlying premise for ChubbyBrain emerged from our frustration that this information was generally very inaccessible and even when available, it was offered on information services platforms that were hopelessly outdated and expensive. And so through the thoughtful application of technology as well mass collaboration, we set out to change this. Ultimately, this type of information transparency benefits investors, entrepreneurs as well as a whole host of other constituencies.

Just yesterday, we loaded up the portfolios of several Australian, Israeli, UK, Canadian and Indian venture capital firms and the portfolios of several of the most active US-based angel investment groups as well.

Here's a post from today about the Indian venture capital and angel investment firms we just loaded up:

At present, there is not an alternative that offers this much information about angel- and venture-backed startups and the investors themselves across everything from green/clean tech to healthcare to web2.0 to all things in between. That said, the breadth and depth of the information will continue to increase, and we look forward to sharing these and other new developments with you over time.

In the interim, if you have any ideas on how to make the platform more useful to an investor like yourself and/or to the community at-large, please don't hesitate to contact me.

And lastly, per your suggestion, a profile for ChubbyBrain will be created quite soon. Great catch.

Thanks again.

Warm regards,
Jonathan Sherry

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