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Kevin Davis

Whether it's a viable business model or not, the American consumer is demanding to become more socially conscious and often when given the opportunity with minimal to no cost, will take the extra effort to be socially responsible.

The corks are just one of many great trends that are starting to take place, from the diminishment of plastic bags to "green bags" for groceries, to the recent strategy of selling carbon offsets to airplane passengers in San Francisco.

Kevin G. Davis
Managing Director, Emerald Endeavors


We can also start by not designing "trash" into our products. Having just finished a Christams gathering with 7 grandchildren, I was appalled by the amount of packaging I had to recycle after they left.

Computer Recycling

Its really good to see this blog, u have nice information about waste management. Images here are also good.I got good links also from here. I will like too see this blog again.

Saturnino Walmsley

Recycling wine corks may seem a diminutive effort, but it has a significant effect on our environment. It's wonderful to see seemingly useless things turn into something useful, just like turning wine corks into flooring tiles. Also, it's reassuring to know that business owners are now venturing into green logistics. I hope a lot more businesses emulate such an environment-friendly project.

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