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Dear VC,

Thanks for another interesting article. I wanted to add something about your comments on RFID. There is another issue that RFID has and which is linked to the data standard. Because there is currently not one data exchange standard for RFID, the use of RFID is limited to one or two massive proprietary solution. I believe that RFID chip producers and software developers of RFID solutions are shooting their own feet. If they developed a standard once and for all (similar to EDI), this would allow integrators to plug their own applications into their flows of data. This would profit both as they could do this for a reasonable fee and help boost the use of the technology at the same time.


Thanks for the nice article.The information, that you have provided on the 'RFID Innovators: ThinkMagic' is totally make sense to us.
I have gone through many blogs, sites and forums which been providing great knowledge about the same, as like recently i was reading something about RFID on, the information that shared here is also great.
I appreciate your effort for supply this type of vital information and sure I'll come again across your blog when you will share something new.


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