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Jep Castelein

Great post. I'm doing marketing for a startup myself, and recognize the 6 points you mention. Some other ideas:

2: Google AdWords (PPC) is a great tool to get people to your site and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is also worth the investment. Google Analytics then gives you the information to optimize the performance of PPC and SEO.

3: I would really emphasize the creation of valuable content, such as white papers, blog posts, webinars, etc. With a thought leadership strategy you give away some knowledge, but you get lots of leads in return.

4: I would add Market2Lead, LeadGenesys and MarketBright to the list.

5: Some of the above software has lead scoring functionality built in. It does not replace a good inside sales person, but it does make his/her job easier.

I can recommend the book 'Lead Generation for the Complex Sale' by Brian Carroll. It contain a lot of useful information about lead generation.


I am new to online business.
I have a consultant who has designed a campaign for me and have started too.
I have registered with , to keep track of the traffic on my website. Depending on these reports I will make future decisions.

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